Something to try in Taal Batangas

12 May

Taal Batangas is known for being the Heritage town of the South. The place is popular for having old houses and great beach resorts. In fact we have just celebrated our town’s 440th founding anniversary. The celebration was named El Pasubat. El Pasubat 2012 aims to promote other specialty from Taal Batangas, such as Empanada, Longganisa, Panutsa, Suman, Balisong, Tapa and more.

We wish to inform our readers that Tapa and Longganisa is our specialty. Our store name is Gerry and Lheen special Tapa and Longganisa could be found at the Public Market of Taal Batangas. We could say that one of the best food to try out while in Taal is the Tapa and Longganisa. Tapa is made of marinated pork.

Rest assured that you will love the taste of our product.

We can be contacted at the following Details:

Taal Public Market Phone # 0063-43-4081504

Just look for Mr Gerry and Lheen Cel # – 0063-916-7905898

For more information about our home town you may check out our other website, Taal Batangas the Heritage Town



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